Adaptable, adults, Grammar, lower secondary, Reading, Speaking, upper secondary, Vocabulary, Workshop, Writing

Anna Jančová (Slovakia)

The die is cast

The aim of the workshop is to present activities which can help you gamify your lessons with almost zero preparation and teaching aids. The only thing you need is a set of dice which can help you bring a moment of unexpectedness and surprise into your lessons and be used to develop practically any skill.

  • Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary, Adults/Tertiary
  • Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Reading, Writing
  • upper secondary (16-19)

Anna Jančová: I have been teaching English for 24 years, most of that time in secondary schools in Puchov and Považská Bystrica. In 2016 I founded Enjoy School – a private language school in Považská Bystrica where I try to implement new scientific findings into my teaching. I am a graduate of Komenského inštitút – a programme for progressive teacher leaders in Slovakia. I have presented my teaching ideas at many conferences in Slovakia, as well as abroad. In April 2019 I had a workshop on memory skills in ELT at the 53rd International IATEFL Conference in Liverpool. I am currently interested in mentoring in teaching.

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