Adaptable, SEN, Workshop

Claudia Molnar (Hungary/UK)

What does SEN look like?

In this workshop we will see what text looks like to Dyslexia sufferers, we’ll also be going through some of the traits of ADHD, which may help you to spot it in undiagnosed learners and finally we’ll be discussing and practicing activities which enable all learners to actively take part, whatever their skills level and we shall also be discussing why some traditional approaches to practicing language just won’t work for all.

  • All skills
  • Adaptable to various levels
Claudia Molnar

Originally from London, Claudia Molnar has been based in Hungary for the past 12 years. Claudia has over 20 years EFL and ESP teaching experience, 10 years as a teacher trainer and is also a freelance ELT consultant and materials writer. Claudia holds a CELTA, DELTA, PGCE, Med. In TESOL and is currently writing her PhD. Thesis on Multilingualism through Instruction with a focus on Learner Autonomy.
Claudia has 2 children, both taller than her, 3 dogs, not quite as tall and enjoys yoga, travelling (especially to conferences) and is currently in her second year as IATEFL Hungary President.

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