lower secondary, SEN, Workshop

Ágnes Magnuczné Godó (Hungary)

ENGaGEd in learning: A digital task bank for dyslexic learners

The workshop introduces the ENGaGE Task bank for dyslexic learners of English and German at primary school. It will demonstrate how this supplementary resource caters for the special needs of dyslexic learners, and provides ideas and tasks for differentiated teaching in mixed ability classes. The workshop will focus on the four principles underlying the Task Bank: skills development for dyslexic learners, graded tasks for differentiation, gamification for motivation and involvement, and multicultural projects for inclusion.

  • Special language skills development for dyslexic learners
  • Lower secondary (11-15)
  • A1-A2

Ágnes Magnuczné Godó: “I am a teacher of English, teacher trainer and educator at the University of Miskolc. My fields of interest include reflexive practice in language teaching and language teacher training, oral and written discourse and rhetorical analysis, webpage analysis, English as a Lingua Franca in ELT, course development, as well as teaching foreign languages to learners with special educational needs. In recent years I have participated in different projects targeting learners in socially disadvantaged regions of Hungary and learners with SEN. I am currently coordinating an international project called ENGaGE, which aims to produce a digital English and German task bank for 4th-8th class dyslexic learners primarily in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.”

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