Adaptable, Grammar, pronunciation, Speaking, Vocabulary, Workshop

Claire Porter (British Council Bratislava)

Get Creative with Drilling

What is drilling? At the most basic level drilling is listening to a model and then repeating. It could be argued that in the modern classroom the use of drilling by teachers has declined. I believe however that there is still a place for drilling as it is an excellent way for students to improve not only pronunciation but also vocabulary and grammar. In my workshop you will try out some fun drilling techniques, pick up tips for successful drilling and become more confident in leading drilling. You might even learn some words for a trip to the Mediterranean-parlem valenciá!

Claire Porter

Claire is an academic manager, teacher and teacher trainer who is currently working as a British Council Senior Teacher in Bratislava. She has been teaching English since 2003, first in Spain and now in Slovakia. She holds the TrinityDipTESOL and Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate (TYLEC). Claire has a wide range of teaching experience at all levels and life stages. She is passionate about all areas of ELT and she is particularly interested in promoting learner autonomy, classroom management, task-based learning and pronunciation. She has presented at teaching conferences and delivered practical workshops for teachers in Spain and Slovakia. In her free time Claire enjoys learning languages and discovering Central Europe. This will be her second appearance at the SCELT conference.

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