CLIL, lower secondary, upper secondary, Vocabulary, Workshop

Miloš Đerić (ELTA Serbia)

CBI- We must know Why!

Most EFL textbooks end up covering the same topics for years. We must have underestimated students’ zone of proximal development.
Content based instruction is a solution! Apart from learning new words, students also learn new concepts these words express.
In this workshop I would like to cascade the knowledge about how teachers can implement CBI techniques. We will explore structuring CBI lesson, different scaffolding techniques, lesson plans, learning objectives and Open Educational Resources.

  • Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary, CLIL, Teacher Development
  • Vocabulary, Speaking

Miloš Đerić has been working for over 20 years in the field of English as a second language. Apart from pursing his career as an English teacher, Director of Studies and a licensed teacher trainer, he has also been very active in ELT activities in the country and elsewhere. He holds a BA in English Language and Literature, an MA in Applied Linguistics and is currently a PhD student at The University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology. He has enhanced his education, professional experience and cultural awareness in Canada, the USA, the UK, Malta, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland and Cyprus. He truly believes in lifelong learning. He has been engaged in different language projects in Serbia organized by English Language Teachers’ Association, the Institute for Improvement of Education, the Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation, British Council and American Embassy.


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