plenary, SEN

Queenie Tan (The World) 1

Plenary: The emotional and mental wellbeing of students with learning difficulties

Terms like ‘mindfulness’, ‘academic pressure’ and ‘childhood suicides’ have become commonplace in recent years. For the most part, those of us in education are able to help neurotypical children face these typical educational challenges. But when it comes to our students who struggle with learning difficulties, there is much more we could learn that could help them. This session aims to provide insights into the lives of those children who are struggling to keep up, to fit in and to find themselves. For, ultimately, we all want to be better able to support all our students’ emotional growth and mental health.


Queenie Tan (MEd, BEd, CerT) is an Early Childhood Education Specialist who has worked with children 8 and under for the past 16 years. Being dyslexic and having worked in 4 different countries (China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia) across multilingual settings, she has developed unique strategies to help children with various learning differences/disorders learn effectively. For the past 10 years, she has held numerous training workshops for pre-school teachers at universities and teacher training colleges across Southeast Asia as well as parenting seminars and retreats for hundreds of parents. Recently, Queenie has become a published author, a podcaster (The Essence of Teaching) and a TEDx speaker. She has also been world-schooling her two sons, aged 14 and 12, since September 2016.

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