Continuing Professional Development, Workshop

Juraj Streďanský (Slovakia)

The First Aid Kit for Teachers

In this session, we will explore strategies for keeping the pedagogic ‘fire burning’ each day for (possibly) years to come. The participants will leave the workshop with a personalised action plan for career development in the form of a letter, which will be collected and posted to them 6 months after the workshop.

Juraj Streďanský

Juraj Streďanský: “I have been in ELT since 2008, teaching English and German to corporate clients in Slovakia. I graduated in translating and interpreting but turned to teaching during the last year of my studies and never looked back. I have always been interested in what happens in teachers’ minds just as much as the students’. After almost having given up on teaching, my main focus has been teachers’ motivation and how to keep oneself going after spending years motivating others – our students. My teaching and studying focus has been shifting towards teacher training and ESP (legal English). This change of perspective has provided me with a new world behind our work and the English language which is a world worth sharing with fellow colleagues.”

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