Adaptable, adults, Grammar, Listening, Reading, tertiary, upper secondary, Workshop, Writing

László Németh (Hungary)

Tips and Resources for Authentic and Meaningful Instruction in the 21st-Century

This workshop will include some practical tips and ready-to-go resources that can be instantly utilised in your next English lesson. The key-words for the workshop are authenticity, engagement, project-based learning / TBL and technology in the classroom. The resources and materials are targeted at secondary and tertiary levels, but I will show you the ways how you can customise them to cater for your group’s needs.

  • Upper Secondary, Adults/Tertiary
  • Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing

László Németh: I work as an English teacher at the Dual Language School of Balatonalmádi in Hungary and am an enrolled student at the Multilingualism Doctoral School of the University of Pannonia. Besides working in mainstream education and pursuing PhD studies, I also take on freelancing work and am currently spending my first year as a committee member of IATEFL-Hungary. My research areas and interests include but are not limited to the following: 21st-century skills and language teaching, authenticity in the language lesson, CPD, language improvement, pre-service and in-service teachers’ language proficiency, and using technology in the classroom.


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