Adaptable, Listening, lower secondary, Reading, upper secondary, Workshop, Writing

Sanja Bozinovic (Croatia)

Helping Learners Learn: Assessment for Learning and Assessment as Learning

It is not easy to be sure how much of the beautifully presented lessons are learned. That is why every teacher has to include the assessment for learning and the assessment as learning in the lessons. This workshop will focus on the assessment activities such as exit cards, graphic organizers, mind maps, checklists, rubrics, the activities we use with young learners. The teachers will create and discuss the use of the activities.

  • Young Learners, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary
  • Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing
Sanja Bozinovic

Sanja Bozinovic is an EFL teacher with 29 years of experience teaching pre-teens and teenagers. She is also a member of the National Expert Working Group for EFL Curriculum Design in Croatia. After the participation in writing of the national curriculum document, she is now working as a mentor in the professional development online courses and face-to-face workshops in the process of implementing the new national curriculum in Croatia.
Her interests as a teacher include curriculum design, the use of learning technologies for teaching and professional development, learner autonomy, inclusive education, gamification, creativity.
She believes in the power of teachers’ associations in helping teachers grow professionally and she has served as the president of HUPE, the Croatian Association of Teachers of English, for four years.
Sanja loves photography, long walks, reading, and thinks of herself as a life-long learner.

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