Grammar, ICT, lower secondary, Speaking, upper secondary, Vocabulary, Workshop, Writing

Seán Thompson (MM Publications – Hungary/UK) 2

A blast of smarties

What do young teenagers like? How can we motivate them? Answer: Sweets. Kids will do anything if we apply the correct motivating factors. This presentation aims to provide teachers with the essential tools to have dynamic interactive lessons. This can only be achieved by using a young mind’s natural curiosity to develop an exciting interest in English through fun, competition and the hands-on approach.

  • Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary
  • Using ICT in ELT
  • Vocabulary, Speaking, Writing
  • A2-B1

Seán Thompson has been living in Hungary for 24 years teaching in various schools and also as PR Manager for MM Publications in Central Europe. Teaching students from a variety of different backgrounds over the years has helped him to develop exciting ways of using traditional materials, as well as modern ones to accommodate different needs. He incorporates all approaches of acquiring language such as visual, audio, kinaesthetic and even tactile methods. For the past 10 years he has also been involved in course book development, which has given him great insight into student needs and researching suitable material for them.

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