Listening, primary, Reading, Speaking, Vocabulary, Workshop, Young Learners

Ilona Sostronekova (Slovakia/Czechia)

Activities for not-only-our-dyslexic learners

Qzlixea. We believe that the awareness these days concerning this ‘issue’ is a lot greater than fifteen years ago. However, what is it like? How does that feel? For a while, we will put ourselves in the shoes of such students to experience what these students struggle with. And then, we will become teachers again and share some ideas on how we can help these students to acquire foreign languages a bit easier. The important thing is to start as soon as possible, ideally in kindergarten. 

  • Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Listening, Reading
  • Primary
  • All teachers welcome.

Ilona Sostronekova: Teacher (freelance + primary school) focusing on teaching English to children, teens as well as adults. Ilona loves teaching and takes every challenge to improve herself as a professional.
Materials and ideas presented are Sylvie Doláková’s. Ilona and Sylvie have cooperated on the materials since they met several years ago.

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