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Petr Hedbávný (Czechia)

How numbers in pictures help language learners from A1 to C2

Language teachers wonder how to excite students of all levels, ideally all of them at the same time. Imaglee Fantastic cards, Czech cards with numbers and pictures, are a combination of Pairs, classic cards, and dominoes. They have been tested with more than one thousand children and adults (inter alia at the European Day of Languages at the Charles University in Prague).
In the workshop you will try out 10+ simple ways how to use these cards for teaching languages from the level A1 to C2. We will play with vocabulary and grammar and practice speaking, spelling and writing. 

Petr Hedbávný is an adjunct professor at the Charles University in Prague, where he teaches Economics of the European Union and Ageing and Pensions. He loves both science and arts. Thus he has co-authored Imaglee Fantastic Cards, an artistic fusion of numbers and pictures, which can be best described as “a multisemiotic offline tool for tailored collaborative learning”. He draws inspiration from improvisational theatre, aikido and great personalities (like Leonardo da Vinci). He has shared his thoughts on student-centered learning at the Faculty of Science at the Charles University in Prague and at the Faculties of Education in Brno and Olomouc. He has worked with more than one thousand schoolchildren and a few hundred language teachers. He has visited forty-two countries and in each of them has tried to communicate with local people in their native language (including Tibetan :-). Petr’s aim is to engage students of all levels and of all interests.

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