Adaptable, gamification, lower secondary, primary, Workshop, Young Learners

Natalia Liashko (Express Publishing – Ukraine) 2

Gamification & Practical Application for EFL Learners

Keeping students actively engaged in lessons can often be a challenge. Gamification creates a motivating environment for learners of all ages and provides opportunities for autonomous learning and cognitive development. By using game mechanics in non-game contexts, both students and teachers benefit. Students will view learning as a more enjoyable experience while teachers can collect valuable information on their progress.


Natalia graduated from Kyiv National Linguistic University with a BA in English studies and holds a range of educational qualifications such as CELTA, IH-CYLT and TKT. She has been an EFL Teacher of students of all ages for 13 years. The most valuable experiences she acquired while working in state schools were dealing with large, demanding classes, unmotivated students and disruptive behaviour. After joining Express Publishing in 2015 she is currently involved in teacher training programmes and provides seminars and demo-lessons in this capacity in Ukraine and abroad. She enjoys working with young learners and teenagers and she strongly believes that every difficult learner is a sharpener to teachers’ professionalism.

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