CLIL, lower secondary, Reading, Speaking, upper secondary, Workshop

Natalie Lackovic (Slovakia/Australia)

Criticism or critical thinking?

Do students need critical thinking skills? Aren’t they critical enough? This workshop will provide practical activities on how to improve critical thinking using not only known social media or podcasts but even an ordinary textbook or newspaper How to teach them to be curious, but not impulsive. How to ask and how to find answers, but not be naïve—that is our goal. Help our students to become independent and autonomous learners in today´s world.

  • Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary
  • CLIL
  • Intercultural Communicative Competence
  • Speaking, Listening, Reading
  • B2-C1

Natalie Lackovic is a biology and English teacher at a bilingual grammar school. Although being born in Australia she lives now in Slovakia where she mostly teaches biology in English. Her goal is to bring out the best in students, make unpopular subjects enjoyable, especially those extremely important for us and future generations, either via community work or workshops for teens and fellow teachers.

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