Continuing Professional Development, Workshop

Mark Andrews (SOL – Hungary/UK)

Co-training, Collegiality at work and modelling good Communicative Language Teaching

How we relate to our colleagues in a more collegiate way is something that is often neglected. Finding space to share professional issues with our colleagues is often difficult but to build it into our lives as teachers might be hugely beneficial to our success as teachers. Co-training is an area that a lot can be learnt from if done well.

Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews works as training director at SOL (Sharing One Language) in Devon and teaches on summer schools both in Devon and Central Eastern Europe and well as doing workshop tours and representing SOL at international conferences in the Central and Eastern European region. He was co-ordinator of the IATEFL-Hungary “Culture and Literature” SIG for five years and co-ordinated a language and culture project in Hungary which led to a coursebook for intermediate learners. He worked for the British Council as methodology adviser in Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary for 12 years. He is a big supporter of SCELT and hasn’t missed any of their conferences so far.

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