Drama, lower secondary, primary, Workshop, Young Learners

Paul Gibson (English in Action – UK)

Calling all state-school teachers! Practical tools to encourage fluency in the classroom

This workshop is a pacey, practical and fun activity-based session. The aims are to give you multiple activities and ideas that are easy to set up and to spice up your lessons. Activities to get your students out of their chairs and motivating them to speak confidently in class is the focus of this session.

  • Young Learners, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary
  • Using Drama in ELT
  • lower secondary (11-15)

Paul Gibson from English in Action is a UK qualified primary and secondary school teacher as well as having 20 years of teaching experience. He has taught in over 20 countries in international schools; language schools and for English in Action where he currently works. English in Action delivers short, intensive communicative language courses for students in over 28 countries which are aimed to be motivating and fin for students. He has also delivered numerous teacher development workshops.

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