lower secondary, primary, SEN, Speaking, Vocabulary, Workshop, Young Learners

Elena Kovacikova and Eva Reid (Slovakia)

Speaking Activities with Different Learners ( KEGA, No. 006UKF-4/2017)

Dyslexic, dysgraphic learners, children with attention disorders but also gifted learners struggle with their differences mainly in schooling institutions. Simple speaking activities help English teachers cope with difficulties in pronunciation and word recognition and thus enhance building up communication competence.

  • Young Learners, Lower Secondary
  • Vocabulary, Speaking
  • A1-A2
  • Primary (6-10)

Elena Kovacikova and Eva Reid both work at the Department of Language Pedagogy and Intercultural Studies, at the Faculty of Education in Nitra. They prepare future English teachers from linguistic, cultural and methodological subjects. Their teaching experience is reflected also in textbooks Cool English School for young learners, published by Taktik.

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